CM&FB Longbow Frostbite League 2012/2013
in aid of Pilgrims Hospices

Dear all,

Another Frostbite goes by I would like to thank all those that took part this year for such a good cause and one close to our hearts, you raised £270 which was topped up to £300 a pound for every point a maximum score would bring.

42 archers entered the fray and we even got some non-longbow archers to give it a go with surprising results, let’s hope we see them with a longbow in their hands again.

You can find the full results list below.

    Individual Longbow Results:
  1. Grahame Andrews (Canterbury)
  2. Chris Clarke (Canterbury)
  3. Bob Gawler (Thanet)
    Longbow Team Results:
  1. Canterbury
  2. Thanet
  3. CMFB

The best individual score was Chris Clarke with 36 hits, 6 golds and a superb score of 282 not bad for a stick with some string on it!

The presentation took place on a sunny Sunday, 7 April 2013 and it was excellent to see a good turn ou., Deidre Mewse from Pilgrims Hospice and wife of one of our ex-Longbow club members Bryan Mewse, presented the prizes. Elsa and Eva were in attendance though Sarah didn’t let them shoot.

CMFB archers shot the best frosbites they’ve shot all year with Dave Ash taking the best score for the presentation shoot. It must have been the weather!

A big thank you to Malcolm Keene for superb arrow making (it has been suggested that Grahame is hoping to get a complete set he can shoot).

If the CM&FB committee approve we could do the competition for Pilgrims Hospice next year.

Once again thank you for taking part, shooting a frostbite can be annoying and fun at the same time as we all know.

Many thanks for all your efforts.
Colin Jeffreys

Teams & Fixtures

NB: names in red indicate team members for each club

Dave Ash Gent
Pat Philips Gent
Malcolm Keene Gent
June Jeffreys Lady
Dave McKnight Gent
Pete Maddox Gent
Dave Smith Gent
Jeff Hicks Gent
Keith Marsh Gent
Alan Bates Gent
Pam Linacre Lady
Dave Plowman Gent
Allan Plowman Gent
Linda Broom Lady
Mark Jones Gent
Rachel Jones Lady
Mark Esdale Gent
Chris Clarke Gent
Grahame Andrews Gent
Ray Gent
Sally Lady
Fred Gent
Phil Faithful Gent
Irene Crouch Lady
Barry Finch Gent
Kevin Sharp Gent
John Walsh Gent
Sophie Castle Junior Lady
Andy Dole Gent
Philip Guilliard Gent
Linda Gawler Lady
Bob Gawler Gent
Jack Hanniford Gent
Mick Janisch Gent
Philip Mason Gent
Pat Powell Gent
Jenny Walsh Lady
Ted Walsh Gent

Frostbite Longbow League Press Cuttings

Coverage of the Pilgrims Hospital Frostbite Longbow League in the press. A big thanks to all of you who braved the elements (and frostbite) to make this happen!

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