Ever wanted to take up archery but didn't know where to start? Why not try one of our courses that are held throughout the summer?

Please contact us for more details, or have a look at our FAQs.


We normally run them during the summer over the course of a weekend. Our courses for 2014 are yet to be announced. Please check back, or contact the coaches who will add your name to our waiting list.

Courses cost £45 for adults (seniors), and £35 for juniors (under 18's), payable by cash or cheque in advance. We do not offer concessions.

Places are in high demand. If you cannot make the course after you have booked your place, let us know. We have a waiting list of people who would love to learn! If you don't inform CMFB that you cannot attend and have already paid, you won't receive a refund.

It is a six-hour course that is broken down into two days over a single weekend; three hours on the Saturday and again on the Sunday. Saturday's course is held at our indoor venue to allow you to learn without the weather getting in the way! Sunday's session is held at our outdoor venue.

You will be taught on a recurve bow; first learning barebow, then sighted shooting techniques. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a medal and a certificate.

We teach 8 people per course, with a maximum of 3 junior spaces. This allows the coaches to spend equal time with each person. However, every course is different and, depending on demand, you may be learning on an all-adults course.

If you would like to learn, please email us to book your place.

As you will be on your feet and outside for the course, you will need to wear a top that will cover your shoulders and trousers as you'll need to be able to change your position (should you need to) without your clothes restricting your movement. No loose-fitting tops or dangly earrings as they will be a hazard and will get entangled in the bow. Bring a hat, sunscreen, food and drink, and most of all, wear sensible, comfortable shoes that will enclose your toes - no sandals or flip flops!

No, we don't do gift vouchers for beginners' courses.

The minimum age we allow juniors to start archery at is 11. Other clubs have different minimum start ages.

Please refer to our Find Us page for where we meet.

It's always great news if you want to continue with archery after completing your course. We provide all equipment on the beginner's courses and afterwards you can borrow equipment every time you shoot at the club for a small fee. Once you are more confident in your shooting and want to progress further, then it is best to buy your own kit. For insurance purposes, you will not be able to shoot until you have joined GNAS. You can do this through the club. Joining fees for the club and GNAS are pro-rata. A breakdown of fees can be found on our membership page.

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